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Tourist Movement on Borders Survey Frontur. February 2021

Spain received 284,331 international tourists in February, 93.6% less than in the same month of 2020.

International tourist arrivals by entry point - February 2021
Indicator Note Value Variation
Total 284,311 -93.58
Air transport 181,331 -95.09
Road 96,319 -85.31
Rail transport 5,082 -71.82
Water transport 1,579 -97.23
  • Variation: percentage compared to the previous year
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February 2021 Published: 06/04/2021

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The Tourist Movement on Borders (Frontur) Survey has as main objective to provide monthly and annual estimates on the number of visitors not resident in Spain that come to our country (turists and same-day visitors), as well as the main features of the trips (way of access, destination, country of residence, reason, way of organization,...).

This survey countinues the Tourist Movement on Borders (Frontur) Survey, carried out by Turespaña until September 2015, and it disseminates its results as of October 2015.