Marriages in Spain. Year 2021. Final data
  Value Variation
Total of marriages 148,588 63.88
Both spouses are spanish 122,465 70.27
One of the spouses is a foreigner 21,940 39.68
Both spouses are foreigners 4,183 37.69
Between spouses of different sex 143,515 64.05
Between spouses of the same sex 5,073 59.08
  • Variation respect the same period of the previous year
Latest data
Year 2021 Published: 15/06/2022

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Did you know...?

Marriage Statistics have been prepared since 1858 and constitute one of the most traditional works in the INE. It collects data on marriages celebrated in Spain, as well as the socio-demographic characteristics of the spouses.

It is prepared ( developed ) in cooperation with the Autonomous Communities, with the Civil Registries being the primary source of information, which is collected from the Statistical Bulletin of Marriages. At the moment of registering the demographic event in the Civil Registry, the spouses fill out the Bulletin portion relating to personal data and the Registry completes the registration information.