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Migration Statistics. First half of 2020

The population of Spain increases by 18,953 persons during the first half of 2020, standing at 47,351,567 inhabitants. Positive migratory balance of 113,856 persons offset a negative vegetative balance of 94,057 persons.

International Migratory Balance
Indicator Note Inmigración Emigración Saldo migratorio
Total 1 245,301 131,445 113,856
Of Spaniards 1 23,906 40,898 -16,992
Of foreign nationals 1 221,395 90,547 130,848
  • The sum of disaggregated data may differ from the total due to rounding.
    Migratory balance = Immigrations - Emigrations
    • Data for Semestre 1 / 2020 (Provisional value)
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S1/2020 Published: 28/01/2021
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The Migration Statistics provide a statistical estimate for migratory flows between Spain, each Autonomous Community and each province with other countries, as well as inter-regional and inter-provincial migrations.

The results are broken-down by migrants¿ sex, year of birth, age, country of nationality and country of birth, as well as the origin and destination of the migration, and are completely consistent with population Figures and Statistics of births and deaths of the population¿s natural movement.