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Vital Statistics / Basic Demographic Indicators. Provisional data 2020

The number of deaths increased by 17.7% during 2020. The number of births decreased by 5.9% and the average number of children per woman stood at 1.18. The natural population growth of the resident population presented a negative balance of 153,167 people.

Births in Spain. Year 2020. Provisional data
  Value Variation
Total Births 339,206 -5.94
Girls 16,410 -5.53
Boys 173,796 -6.32
Of a spanish mother 262,982 -6.09
Of a foreign mother 76,224 -5.39
  • Variation respect the same period of the last year
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Year 2019 Published: 10/12/2020

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Birth Statistics have been prepared since 1858 and constitute one of the most traditional works in the INE. It collects information on births occurring in Spain, as well as data on the birth and the newborn¿s parents.

It is prepared in cooperation with the Autonomous Communities, with the Civil Registries being the primary source of information, which is collected from the Statistical Bulletin of Births. This document is filled out by the parents, relatives, or persons obliged by law to declare the birth. The civil registry in which the birth is registered fills out the information related to the registration of each newborn.