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Valor añadido bruto. Estimación avance 2018
    Valor Variación anual
Total   1.087.968 3,3%
Agricultura, ganadería, selvicultura y pesca   33.614 3,3%
Industrias extractivas; industria manufacturera; suministro de energía eléctrica, gas, vapor y aire acondicionado; suministro de agua, actividades de saneamiento, gestión de residuos y descontaminación   172.618 0,9%
Construcción   67.732 7,2%
Comercio al por mayor y al por menor; reparación de vehículos de motor y motocicletas; transporte y almacenamiento; hostelería   258.733 2,5%
Información y comunicaciones   40.841 3,9%
Actividades financieras y de seguros   43.795 9,3%
Actividades inmobiliarias   125.794 3,4%
Actividades profesionales, científicas y técnicas; actividades administrativas y servicios auxiliares   97.524 5,8%
Administración pública y defensa; seguridad social obligatoria; educación; actividades sanitarias y de servicios sociales   195.408 3,1%
Actividades artísticas, recreativas y de entretenimiento; reparación de artículos de uso doméstico y otros servicios   52.269 0,9%
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The Annual Spanish National Accounts: aggregates by industry is a summary statistic that provides the main economic aggregates of supply, employment and income by branch of activity of the national economy.

This is an annual operation that provides information from the 1995 reference year.

It provides the measurement of Gross Value Added at current prices and its variations in terms of volume. It also includes the measurement of Production, Intermediate Consumption, Compensation of Employees, Gross Operating Surplus and Mixed Income and Other Net Taxes on Production.

Employment estimates (in terms of persons employed, hours worked, jobs and full-time equivalent jobs) are also included.

This statistical operation adopts the methodology contained in the European System of Economic Accounts (ESA-2010) in compliance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) No. 549/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 21 May, as do the rest of the statistical operations that make up the Spanish National Accounts, which guarantees the international comparability of its results.

The results correspond to the 2019 Statistical Review (SEC 2010). In the Related Links section you may consult the information corresponding to previous accounting bases. In this section you can also consult the results of the Quarterly National Accounts of Spain and the Spanish Regional Accounts.

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