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Table on pension. Year 2018

The total estimated social security pension rights accrued in Spain at December 31, 2018, amounted to 4,355,626 million euros (3.6 times the GDP), with an increase of 6.2% during the year.

Derechos por pensiones devengados en seguros sociales. Año 2018
    Valor Variación anual Porcentaje del PIB
Seguridad Social   3.917.197 243.153 3,25
Sistema de Clases Pasivas   378.320 13.622 0,31
Otros sistemas vinculados al empleo   60.109 -3.104 0,05
- Cotización definida   33.848 -1.742 0,03
- Prestación definida   26.261 -1.362 0,02
  • Estimaciones referidas a 31 de diciembre de 2018
  • Valor y variación anual en millones de euros
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Año 2018 Published:23/12/2020
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The Pension Table shows a complete perspective of pension rights in social insurance (social security systems or other systems linked to employment), including those generated in the field of public pension systems.

The table records the pension rights for retirement, permanent disability, widowhood, in favor of relatives and orphans accrued at the beginning and at the end of the reference year in each of these systems and the flows that explain the variation of such rights throughout of the year. It aims to provide a complete and comparable picture of the total number of social security pension rights accrued as of a specific date (beginning and end of the reference year) and valued in actuarial terms.