• Type of survey: this operation is considered to be a derived statistic as its input is the Services Sector Activity Indicators (SSAIs) and the price indices used as deflators: Services Price Indices (SPIs), Industrial Price Indices (IPRIs), Hotel Price Indices (HPIs) and Consumer Price Indices (CPIs).
  • Base year: 2021
  • Population scope: the Service Sector Production Index studies the population formed by the companies whose main activity is described in sections G, (Trade), H (Transport and Storage), I (Hospitality), J (Information and Communications), L (Real Estate Activities), M (Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities), except M70.1: Activities of head offices, M72: R&D activities, and M75: Veterinary activities) and N (Administrative and Support Service Activities) of the National Classification of Economic Activities (CNAE-09).
  • Geographical scope: includes all the statistical units situated in the territory of the Spanish state except Ceuta and Melilla, which are only included in the activity of division 47 of the CNAE-09.

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