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Environmental accounts. Material flow accounts. Year 2017 and preview data 2018

The domestic material consumption registers 423.0 million tonnes in 2018, 3.7% more than in 2017. The resource productivity of the Spanish economy decreased 1.3%.

Flow accounts - Año 2017 y avance 2018
Indicator Note Value Variation
Domestic consumption of materials 1 422,974.6 4.1
Domestic extraction 1 350,022.7 5.9
Physical trade balance 1 72,951.9 -5.0
- Imports 1 279,054.0 0.1
- Exports 1 206,102.1 2.4
Productivity of Materials 2 2,764.3 -1.5
National Consumption of Materials per inhabitant 3 9.10 3.3
Consumo de materiales por PIB 4 361.80 1.5
  • Value: thousands of tonnes. Variation: Percentage over the previous year
    • Value: Thousand tonnes.
    • Value: Euros / tonne
    • Value: Tonnes / inhabitant
    • Tonnes / million euros
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Año 2017 y avance 2018 Published: 16/12/2019
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The objective of the Environmental Accounts (EA) is to integrate the environmental information in a coherent way in the central system of National Accounts. They include a set of satellite accounts, with annual transmission, compiled using the accounting formats applicable to the different sectoral and territorial areas, with a strong presence of physical data. They show the interaction between the economy, households and environmental factors.

The Material Flow Accounts show the physical inputs of materials that enter into the national economic system and the outputs to other economies or to the natural environment in physical units (tonnes). These accounts makes possible to obtain a set of aggregate indicators on the use of natural resources from which indicators can be derived on the productivity of resources (eco-efficiency) in relation to GDP and other economic and employment indicators, in addition to indicators on intensity of materials from lifestyles, considering the size of the population and other demographic indicators.