20043Estadística de Campo Magnético

Department responsible
Ministry of Public Works - Subsecretariat of Public Works
Executing unit
DG for the National Geographic Institute - S.D.G. for Astronomy, Geodesia and Geophysics
Participation of other institutions
Type of operation
Real statistics with results grouped in tables
Sector or subject
Environment and sustainable development
Subsector or subsubject
Environmental quality, vigilance, control and prevention
Breakdown level
Methodology of data collection methodology
Other forms of obtaining data
Form of data collection
Direct observation of facts or phenomena
Overall objective
Información sobre las componentes del campo magnético terrestre en el territorio nacional
Study variables
Intensidad del campo, intensidad vertical y horizontal de la inducción magnética terrestre, declinación
Classification variables
Componentes X, Y e inclinación; índices C y K; tormentas magnéticas, impulsos bruscos, efectos cromosféricos
Type of dissemination
Boletín magnético, anuario, base de datos, Internet
Periodicity of dissemination
Diaria, mensual, anual
Periodicity of data collection
Type of operation
Observaciones magnéticas
Administrative sources
No aplicable
Dictated by the High Council on Statistics
No aplicable
These are European statistics, according to European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) no. 223/2009

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