Instituto Nacional de Estadística

68003Documento Nacional de Identidad

Department responsible
Ministry of Home Affairs - State Security Secretariat 
Executing unit
DG for the National Police 
Participation of other institutions
Type of operation
Frameworks for censuses or sample
Sector or subject
Security and justice
Subsector or subsubject
Civil security
Breakdown level
Municipal or inferior
Methodology of data collection methodology
Obtaining by means of complete list of original administrative data
Form of data collection
Transcription of administrative document, regardless of how it is filled in
Overall objective
Obtención del Registro de españoles con documento nacional de identidad
Study variables
Nombre, apellidos, domicilio, fecha de nacimiento, lugar de nacimiento
Classification variables
No aplicable
Type of dissemination
Uso interno
Periodicity of dissemination
No aplicable
Periodicity of data collection
Type of operation
Personas físicas
Administrative source (if applicable)
Solicitud del documento nacional de identidad
Dictated by the High Council on Statistics
No aplicable
These are European statistics, according to European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) no. 223/2009

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