4390Indicator of Admissions for Treatment from the Spanish Drug Observatory

Describe the sociodemographic characteristics and some consumption patterns (and their temporary trends) of those persons admitted to treatment, by each psychoactive substance, in the notifying centres
Institutions that intervene
MSC, drug departments of all of the Autonomous Governments
General description (main variables)
Admissions to ambulatory treatment of psychoactive substance abuse or dependence in a given year, Sociodemographic variables, main drug for which the person is admitted to treatment, consumption frequency of the main drug, year of beginning consumption of the main drug, previous treatment for the same drug, most frequent means of administering the main drug, other drugs used in the 30 days prior, time elapsed since the last time the person injected her/himself with drugs, sexological state as regards HIV.
Persons admitted to treatment for drug abuse or dependence
Frequency of data collection
Budgetary credits necessary for its finance in the four-year period 2005-2008  (in thousands euros)


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