4709Air Quality

Provide a general perspective of the air quality in Spain, following the criteria established in the European Union regulations and by the international agreements signed by Spain.
Institutions that intervene
MMA, Autonomous Communities, EE.LL.
General description (main variables)
Concentration of pollutants in the environmental air, aerosols and precipitation. Types of pollutant (SO2,NO2, Nox, PST, PMIO, PM2,5, Pb, O3, C6H6, CO, etc.), types of analytical techniques, types of season, types of aggregation (hourly, daily, annual), types of zone (urban, suburban, rural).
Territories covered by a sensor.
Frequency of data collection
Diaria, horaria.
Territorios representados por cada sensor.
Budgetary credits necessary for its finance in the four-year period 2005-2008  (in thousands euros)


Plan incidences sheet