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4431Benefits of the System for the Autonomy of and Support for Dependent Persons (SAAD) (yet to be implemented)

Obtaining and disseminating data relating to beneficiaries and aid foreseen for the System for the Autonomy of and Support for Dependent Persons, set out in Law 39/2006, of 14 December, on the promotion of personal autonomy and care for persons in dependency situations
Institutions that intervene
MTAS, Councils/Departments with jurisdiction regarding the Autonomous Communities.
General description (main variables)
Beneficiaries and value of the benefit, services and centres. Sex, age, nationality, marital status, income, degree and level of dependency of the beneficiary; type of service (residential, day and night centres, home help, telephone assistance); type of economic benefit (linked to the type of service, family environment, personal assistance), care
Aid beneficiaries.
Frequency of data collection
Budgetary credits necessary for its finance in the four-year period 2005-2008  (in thousands euros)


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