4852Quarterly Spanish National Accounts. Base 2000

Preparation of the Spanish system of National Accounts, according to the methodology established in the European System of National and Regional Accounts, ESA-1995. Through the preparation of syntheses and analyses with results from different sources.
Institutions that intervene
General description (main variables)
Main aggregates with gross data, adjusted for seasonal and calendar effects, and cycle-trend: added values at basic prices and GDP at market prices, final consumption expenditure and effective final consumption, gross formation of capital, exports and imports, employee remuneration, operating surplus/mixed income and taxes on production and net imports of subsidies, population, employment, jobs and hours worked. Only with gross data: balance of primary income with the rest of the world, national income at market prices, disposable income, savings, capacity, financing need of the country and simplified accounts of the institutional sectors. Branches of activity, institutional sectors, national economy and the rest of the world.
Not applicable.
Frequency of data collection
No aplicable.
Budgetary credits necessary for its finance in the four-year period 2005-2008  (in thousands euros)


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