5395Pharmaceutical Consumption in the National Health System

Information regarding the consumption of medications and health products included in the Pharmaceutical Benefits of the National Health System, prescribed using official Social Security prescriptions, and dispensed through the pharmaceutical offices.
Institutions that intervene
MSCO, health services of all of the Autonomous Communities, Ingesa.
General description (main variables)
Number of the pharmacy, month and year, prescription regime, national code of the medication, health product or code of the self-stick label or stamp, as indicated, therapeutic group, pharmaceutical product, number of packages, price for sale to the publi
Medications and health products included in the Heath Benefits of the National Health System, acquired though pharmaceutical offices with official Social Security prescriptions of the National Health System.
Frequency of data collection
Anual, mensual
Budgetary credits necessary for its finance in the four-year period 2009-2012  (in thousands euros)


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