5541Population and Housing Censuses

Population recount and knowledge of its characteristics.
Institutions that intervene
INE, Statistics Institutes of all of the Autonomous Communities, Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces.
General description (main variables)
Age, sex, nationality, residence status, marital status, kinship relations, place of birth, migratory variables, studies currently undertaken, educational level, relationship with economic activity, branch of activity, professional, professional status, s
Individuals, dwellings, buildings
Frequency of data collection
Municipal o inferior
Budgetary credits necessary for its finance in the four-year period 2009-2012  (in thousands euros)

(estimate made with the partial information available in 2008, with methodological aspects of great significance yet to be defined, and which might imply a significant increase in this figure. The estimate will become more precise in the respective annual programmes in which these statistics are included).

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