5026Monthly and Annual Statistics on Agrarian Prices and Wages

Institutions that intervene
MARM, Councils/Departments with jurisdiction regarding Autonomous Communities, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Works that will be carried out in the year 2009
Monthly carrying out of surveys in the year 2009.
Monthly results for prices received, prices paid, agricultural salaries and indices, both national and by Autonomous community, and average annual results for 2009.
Updating of the methodology, products, specifications, informants, weightings, etc., in accordance with the national regulations and EU agreements.
Dissemination in the MARM "Monthly statistics bulletin" and in the Unit's other publications, on the MARM website (www.marm.es) and submitting to Eurostat.
Councils/Departments with jurisdiction regarding the Autonomous Communities select informants, collect price information on a monthly basis, and filter and send it to the MARM Statistical Unit.
University Carlos III of Madrid compiles advanced indicators of some aggregates of monthly indices of prices received by farmers, and updates the base period of the monthly and annual statistics on agrarian wages
Budgetary credits necessary for its finance in the year 2009  (in thousands euros)


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