Metadata Sub-indicator 12.b.1.1. Aplicación de instrumentos normalizados de contabilidad para hacer un seguimiento de los aspectos económicos y ambientales de la sostenibilidad del turismo - Nº total de tablas

Goal 12. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns
Target 12.b. Develop and implement tools to monitor sustainable development impacts for sustainable tourism that creates jobs and promotes local culture and products
Indicator 12.b.1. Number of sustainable tourism strategies or policies and implemented action plans with agreed monitoring and evaluation tools
Sub-indicator 12.b.1.1. Implementation of standard accounting tools to monitor the economic and environmental aspects of tourism - Total number of tables
Type of indicator (global, European, national)
Number of tables of the Tourism Satellite Account and the Environmental Accounting System
Calculation method

Number of tables produced from the following United Nations agreed list: CST Table 1 on receiving tourism expenditure. CST Table 2 on domestic tourism expenditure. CST Table 3 on issuing tourism expenditure. CST Table 4 on inland tourism consumption. CST Table 5 on production accounts of tourism industries. CST Table 6 on internal supply and domestic tourism consumption. CST Table 7 on employment in tourism industries. SCAE physical flow accounts for energy. SCAE physical flow accounts for water. SCAE physical flow accounts for air emissions. SCAE physical flow accounts for solid waste.

Unit of measure
Número de tablas
Disaggregated data(Gender, age, region in Spain, other)
Type of Account
Tier I
Come from National Statistics Plan (YES/NO)
Responsible institution
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This sub-indicator comes from several sources: Tourism Satellite Account of Spain (IOE 30027). Environmental Accounts: Emissions to the Atmosphere Account (IOE 30084). Environmental Accounts: Waste Account (IOE 30095). Environmental Accounts: Physical Flows of Energy Account (IOE 30090).