List of municipalities created
Province Code Name Municipality from which it is segregated Resolution date Effective date
List of municipalities missing
Province Code Name Municipality to which it is incorporated Date in which it ceases to exist
Change of names of municipalities
Province New name or in vernacular language Code Previous name Resolution date
Badajoz Guadiana 06 903 8 Guadiana del Caudillo 24/02/2020
Castellón/Castelló Herbers 12 068 8 Herbés 09/09/2020
Rioja, La Lumbreras de Cameros 26 091 3 Lumbreras 21/02/2020
Valencia/València Castelló 46 257 3 Villanueva de Castellón 01/10/2020
Valencia/València Ròtova 46 218 8 Rótova 15/12/2020
Correction in the names of municipalities
Province Name corrected Code Previous name