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INEbase / Central Business Register: Statistical use / General methodology



The Central Business Register (CBR) joins together all Spanish enterprises, including their local units situated within the country, into one single information system.

Its basic objective is to facilitate economic surveys through sampling. To satisfy this requirement the system should be duly revised and the units should appear with reliable data for identification, location and classification by activity and size. It is therefore the essential infrastructure tool that facilitates the development and coordination of the set of investigations directed at the statistical units of production.

Other objectives:

To supply structural data on the number of firms and premises in Spain classified by principal economic activity, number of employees, legal status and geographic location.

To supply data about the seasonal development of new, operating and closed down enterprises detected during the Directories revision year and their classification by the usual variables.

To satisfy the informational demands of international bodies, particularly the European Union's Statistical Office (EUROSTAT).

To establish a control that will streamline and minimise the collaboration in supplying primary statistical information by companies as much as possible. A collaboration that must be growing, due to imperatives of attaining necessary levels of greater statistical development.

The CBR is put together and maintained based on the primary data proceeding from various entry sources of an administrative and statistical origin. This information is then submitted to a sophisticated itinerary of filtering, harmonising and integrating treatment in order to obtain total national coverage.