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Censos Agrarios

The Agrarian Census is a large-scale statistical operation, carried out periodically in order to bring together, process and disseminate data on the structure of the agrarian sector in Spain. The main data gathered is as follows: size of operations, tenancy regime and exploitation of lands, cultivated areas, irrigation, livestock, labour force and other agrarian consumables. It must be indicated that abundant information may be found regarding agriculture and livestock rearing, though with less detail, in the statistical yearbooks. This section provides access to the censuses conducted during the period corresponding to the 19th century, and their continuation in the 20th century. The work that begins this section is the Livestock Rearing Census of 1865, the only piece of these characteristics that was carried out in the stage of Official Statistics in the 19th century.

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Censos Agrarios
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Censo de la Ganadería de España, 1865

Censo de 1962