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Foto municipio This database includes all the municipalities that have been considered in the Censuses in Spain from 1842 the year in which the so-called Cadastral Register is dated, which is the first Census to present the complete ensemble of municipalities in the Spanish territory. Municipalities created or disappeared within the same intercensal period are not included.

For each municipality, the alterations to the main characteristics that have taken place over time are presented and which are shown in the Population Censuses considered. Three quantitative and three circumstantial characteristics have been included. The quantitative characteristics are: de facto population, de jure population and number of households (families or registration certificate). In terms of the circumstantial characteristics: change of name, variations in size of territory and municipality existence.

In the Help section, the process for using this database is explained. The methodology provides a description of the objectives, definitions, codes and symbols used in the analysis and a short summary of each Census.


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Alterations to the municipalities in the Population Censuses since 1842


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