Disabilities, Impairments and State of Health Relative figures

(**) Population rate with disabilities for ADL, according to maximum degree of severity (without assistance) and number of ADL disabilities, by Autonomous Community, age and sex.

Units:rate per 1000 inhabitants
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      • Age
      • Sex
      • Number of ADL disabilities
      • Autonomous Community
      • Maximum degree of severity (without assistance)
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    • 1) 'Basic activities of daily life (ADL)': Washing oneself Care of the different body parts Personal hygiene related to urination Personal hygiene related to defecation Personal hygiene related to menstruation Dressing and undressing, Eating and drinking Caring for one's own health: following medical prescriptions Caring for one's own health: avoiding dangerous situations Acquisition of goods and services Preparing meals Undertaking household chores Changing basic body postures Maintaining the position of the body Getting around inside the home Getting around outside the home Intentionally using the senses (looking, listening) Undertaking simple tasks

      2) The data corresponding to cells with fewer than 5000 persons must be viewed with caution, because it may be affected by by large sampling errors, with the exception of the Autonomous Communities of Andalucía, Aragón and Navarra, in which the reference values shall be 2800, 2300 and 1500 persons, respectively.
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  • Source:National Statistics Institute