Survey on Disability, Independence and Dependence situations 2008 Home accessibility, conditions and expenses. Autonomous Communities: Relative figures

Percentage of households with persons with disabilities or limitations, according to the main type of disability expenditure made in the last 12 months, by Autonomous Community and number of persons resident with disabilities

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      • Number of persons with disabilities
      • Autonomous Community
      • Type of disability expenditure
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  • Notes
    • 1) The '...' symbol shall be interpreted as an error of division by zero

      2) The data corresponding to cells with fewer than 5000 persons must be be taken with caution because it may be affected by a high incidence of sampling errors, with the exception of the Autonomous Communities of Andalucía, Aragón and Navarra, in which the reference values shall be 2800, 2300 and 1500 persons, respectively.
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  • Source:National Statistics Institute