Living Conditions Survey. Module year 2011 Intergenerational transmission of poverty

Adults aged 25 to 59 by compostion of household when they were teenagers and at-risk-of-poverty rate

Units:Total adults (thousands) and vertical percentages
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      • Composition of the household
      • At-risk-of-poverty rate
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    • 1) In order to elaborate this table, we have taken into account the nowadays situation of adults aged 25 to 59 years old and that of their parents or their household when they were teenagers.
      'Father' means the man that the respondent used to consider his father when he was a teenager.
      'Mother' means the woman that the respondent used to consider his mother when he was a teenager.

      2) At risk of poverty threshold: 60% of the median of the annual income per consumption unit (OECD modified scale), on the basis of the persons distribution. Income per consumption unit is calculated by dividing total household income by the number of consumption units.
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  • Source:National Statistics Institute