Waste in Spain Accounts 2006. Main aggregates in physical quantities National results

Quantity of waste treated by categories CRV. Recuperation (excluding recovery of energy).

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    • 1) CRV: European Waste Classification

      P: Hazardous waste

      R2: Recovery or regeneration of solvents
      R3: Recycling or recovery of organic substances not used as solvents (including composting and other biological transformation processes). It includes all those operations aimed at recovery of organic and inorganic biodegradeable materials
      R4: Recycling or recovery of metals and of metallic compounds
      R5: Recycling or recovery of inorganic smaterials such as: construction and demolition waste, mineral waste, tars etc.
      R6: Recycling or regeneration of acids and/or bases
      R7: Recovery of components used for reducing pollution e.g.: carbonaceous wastes used for water purification, regeneration of resins
      R8: Recovery of components from catalysts
      R9: Regeneration or re-using of oils
      R10: Treatment of soils benefiting agriculture or ecoological improvements
      R11: Use waste obtained from any of the operations listed R1 to R10
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  • Source:National Statistics Institute