Waste in Spain Accounts 2006. Main aggregates in physical quantities National results

Quantity of waste treated by CRV category. Disposal in landfills, landfill treatment and disposal in water.

Units:thousands of tonnes
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    • 1) CRV: European Waste Classification

      P: Hazardous waste

      D1: Dumping on or in land (for example, discharge, etc.)
      D3: Deep injection (for example, injection of pumpable waste in wells, salt mines, natural geological faults, etc.)
      D4: Surface reservoir or lagooning (for example, injection by pumping of waste into wells, saltmines, natural geological faults, etc.)
      D5: Discharge in places specially designated for dumping (for example, packing in coated, separate airtight cavities, insulated from each other and the environment)
      D12: Permanent storage or dumping (for example, placing containers in a mine, etc.)
      D2: Land treatment (for example, biodegrading of liquid wastes or sludges in the soil, etc.)
      D6: Dumping in water, except in seas / oceans
      D7: Dumping in seas / oceans, including insertion into the seabed
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  • Source:National Statistics Institute