Wages, income, social cohesion Risk of poverty or social exclusion (2020 Europe strategy) AROPE indicator

Risk-of-poverty and/or social exclusion rate (Europe 2020 strategy), by type of household and period. Base 2013

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    • Dependent child is defined as every person under 18 years of age and those economically inactive persons aged between 18 and 24 that at least one of their parents is a household member.
    • Series with the new methodology adopted in 2013.
    • The population at risk of poverty or social exclusion is that which is in one of these situations:
      • At risk of poverty (60% of the median of the income per consumption unit).
      • With severe material insufficiency (with insufficiency in at least 4 concepts from a list of 9).
      • In households without employment, or with low employment intensity (households in which the members of working age did so for less than 20% of their work potential during the reference year).
    • Source: Living Conditions Survey INE
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