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Units: Turistas
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      • Country of residence
      • Period
      • Access road
      • Autonomous community of destination
      • Reason for trip
      • Type of accommodation
      • Form of trip organization
      • Duration of trip
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  • Notes ( 8 )
    • The generated table may contain data not available due to lack of sampling backup
    • It is recommended to change the table format and keep in columns the classification variables where only the category Total has been selected
    • Existe una rectificación del número de turistas con destino principal de marzo de 2016 definitivo en las Comunidades de Castilla León y Castilla La mancha
    • There is no data available during the months of April and May due to the COVID19 crisis
    • Turkey is classified in the ¿Rest of Europe¿ aggregate since January 2022
    • The data from this table, including Turkey and Europe, was corrected on 3 April
    • The data of January 2024 and later are provisional
    • Russia is included in the ¿Rest of Europe¿ aggregate since March 2022
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