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Family dwellings by number of members receiving income and number of persons

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      • Number of income recipients in the dwelling
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      • Number of persons in the dwelling
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  • Notes ( 6 )
    • The wage earners are considered to be those persons who have a job, who receive a retirement pension or other type of pension or who receive an unemployment benefit (whether they are registered as job seeker or not)
    • The calculation of the recipient of income is obtained from section H of the questionnaire on the perception of retirement or other pensions. Until quarter 4 of 2020, the informant could declare up to three situations in that question. With the new EPA-2021, as required by the European EFT regulations, only up to two situations are contemplated, apart from the main one. This change has affected the household's 'income earner' calculation.
    • As of 2021, according to REGULATION (EU) 2019/1700 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 10 October 2019 on European statistics relating to people and households, the concept of home must meet the condition of a common budget. There may thus be more than one household in the same home.
    • In the first quarter of 2020, as a consequence of the declaration of the high alert period (Royal Decrees 463/2020 and 487/2020) caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the sample size of the first EPA interviews in weeks 11 to 13 has been lower than in other quarters, meaning that the variation coefficients for the most disaggregated estimates may be higher than usual. We recommended that you consult the related INEbase tables coeficientes de variación.
    • Al implantar las opciones de simplificación de las entrevistas sucesivas que permite la actual normativa europea de la Encuesta de Fuerza de Trabajo 2021 para disminuir la carga de respuesta, se produjo un problema en el recuento de las personas de algunos hogares. Una vez subsanado este, se han actualizado los datos pues en algunos casos se producen pequeñas variaciones en esta tabla.
    • The data in this table has been uploaded as of May 31, 2021
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