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Public sector wage earners by type of administration, sex and age group

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  • Notes ( 3 )
    • Series break in the variable of professional situation in the 1Q-2009. For more information consult document attached Changing questions regarding professional situation EAPS-2009
    • As of the first quarter of 2007, the "type of administration" variable is coded following strictly institutional criteria derived from an exhaustive indentification list of the bodies belonging to Social Security. Up to the fourth quarter of 2006, mixed functional-institutional criteria was applied, in such a way that bodies which rendered social or health services that depended on other bodies (Central or Autonomous), were included in the Social Security category. In practice, despite the fact that this circumstance does not affect the homogeneity of the result series of the total public sector employees, it does however entail a break in the result series of the mentioned categories within the "type of administration" variable. Specifically, from the first quarter of 2007, there was a partial redistribution of public sector Social Security employees which maily changed into Autonomous Administration employees due to the mentioned criteria.
    • In the first quarter of 2020, as a consequence of the declaration of the high alert period (Royal Decrees 463/2020 and 487/2020) caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the sample size of the first EPA interviews in weeks 11 to 13 has been lower than in other quarters, meaning that the variation coefficients for the most disaggregated estimates may be higher than usual. We recommended that you consult the related INEbase tables coeficientes de variación.
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