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Living Conditions Survey. Base 2004

Risk of poverty

Gini Coefficient

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    • Gini Coefficient, Gini (with imputed rent):
      The definition of household income includes imputed rent. Imputed rent is applied to those households that do not pay complete rent, due to being the homeowners, or to occupying a rented dwelling at a price that is lower than the market price, or free of charge. The value imputed is equivalent to the rent that would be paid on the market for a dwelling that is similar to that occupied, less any rent actually paid. Likewise, the interest on the loans requested for purchasing the main dwelling are deducted from the total household income.
    • Poverty threshold: 60% of the median annual income per consumption unit (modified OECD scale), using the distribution of persons. Income per consumption unit is obtained by dividing the total household income by the number of consumption units.
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