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Public sector wage earners by type of administration, sex and age group. Absolute values and percentages with respects to the total of each sex

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  • Notes
    • From the first quarter of 2007 on, the codification of the variable " type of administration " follows an essentially institutional criterion derivate from an exhaustive identifying relation of bodies belonging to the Social Security.

      Up to the fourth quarter of 2006 a functional-institutional mixed criterion was applied, in such a way that for the Social Security category there were included bodies that provided social or sanitary services and were organically dependent from other administrations (Central or Autonomous).

      In practice, although that circumstance does not affect the uniformity of the result series for the total public sector wage earners, however it does mean a break in the result series in the aforementioned categories of the type of administration variable. Specifically, since the first quarter of 2007, there has been a re-distribution of public sector wage earners belonging to the Social Security, most of which become, due to the application of the aforementioned criteria, wage earners of autonomic administrations.
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