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The National Statistics Institute has a time-honoured tradition in publishing statistical data. On this occasion, however, tables of statistics have been replaced with stamps. Indeed, this publication presents postage stamps issued around the world during the 20th century, and the topic appearing on them is related to Statistics. It is intended to illustrate how Statistics have been promoted by means of stamps in different countries throughout the last century.

The topic of statistics appeared for the first time on a series of Japanese 1.5 and 3 sen stamps (1 sen = 0.01 yen) issued in 1920 to mark the carrying out of the first Population Census in modern times.

In Spain, the first stamp on this topic dates back to the year 1956, emblazoned with “Centenary of Statistics", concerning the centenary of the Royal Decree of 3/11/1856, which led to the creation of the Commission of General Statistics of the Kingdom.

This book has been possible thanks to the dedication of statistician, Mr Eduardo García España, who kindly provided access to his stamp collection in order to produce this publication.

Edition in Spanish and bilingual Spanish/English edition. 

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