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Spain in the 25 state EU, offers a viewpoint of the situation of our country in the framework of the European Union (EU). The publication is made up of a series of graphs, maps and observations on subjects so varied as population, economy, employment, society, energy and the environment.

The content of this publication is based on the selection of 25 basic indicators published by the Statistical Office of the European Communities (Eurostat) , most of which belong to the group of structural indicators.


More information on the Eurostat structural indicators webpage.

Contents of the publication (Files in PDF format)

  • Introduction and index
  • Population and territory
    Population of the 25 state EU
    Life expectancy
  • Economy
    Gross Domestic Product
    Labour productivity
    General government debt
    Comparative price levels
    Business investment
    Research and development
    New technologies
  • Labour market
    Employment rate
    Employment rate of older workers
    Dispersion of regional employment
    Unemployment rate
    Accidents at work

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