1.2.6. Empty conventional dwellings per total dwellings

Description of indicator

This indicator is derived directly from the Population and Housing Census 2011, from INE, and it is based on the concept of "Family Dwellings", which are divided  into Main-Conventional, Main Non-conventional (Accommodation) and Non-main Dwellings. Non-main Family Dwellings are divided into: Secondary Dwellings (occupied only part of the year or occupied all year but for different groups, without constituting for any of them habitual residence) and Empty (vacant all year).

A Family Dwelling is considered to be Unoccupied or Empty when it is not the regular residence of any person, nor is it used seasonally, periodically or sporadically by anyone. These are uninhabited (vacant) dwellings.

Available series: 2011.

Graphs and tables

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