1.3.7. Average annual net income per habitant

Description of indicator

The average annual net income per habitant has as source the information provided by the Tax Agency (AEAT) for non-foral territories and the information provided by the Provincial Councils of Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa for the cities of the sample in the Basque Country, except for the Álava / Araba information whose source is the Basque Statistical Office (EUSTAT). For the municipalities of Navarre, the source is the Navarre Statistical Institute with data from the Tax Office of that Regional Community.

In the numerator, the average annual net income is obtained as it is described in the methodological note. The denominator is the number of people in the Continuous Register of each municipality to which the AEAT has found information in its database, according to the joint processing of the INE Continuous Municipal Register, with reference date 1st January of year t, with the tax information in the t-1 fiscal year (for example, Continuous Register 01/01/2016 with 2015 fiscal year).

At national level, the source is the Living Conditions Survey.

Geographical coverage: data for all spatial levels is provided. The sub-municipal level refers to the SCD level (Sub City District), only available in the Spanish municipalities with more than 250,000 inhabitants. Data is also provided for all Spanish municipalities with more than 20,000 inhabitants.

Available series: 2015-2020.

Graphs and tables

For sub-municipal areas, it is possible to access tables in INEbase with all indicators. For Cities, Greater cities and Functional Urban Areas, it is possible whether to access a table in INEbase with all indicators and periods, or to visualize the indicator in the graph. In this case, when positioning on each bar, the data and the year referred to are shown.

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