The Electoral Census Office, which forms part of the National Statistics Institute, is the body entrusted with forming the Electoral Census and which carries out its juisdiction under the management and supervision of the General Electoral Board.

The Electoral Census Office has Provincial Delegations. Municipal Councils and Consulates act as partners of the Electoral Census Office in census matters.

The Electoral Census Office carries out its jurisdictional duties assigned to it by the electoral law when compiling the Electoral Census and when carrying out electoral processes. It also performs two notable functions: it certifies registration in the Electoral Census of signatories of the Popular Legislative Initiatives and it randomly selects candidates for jury duty.

Querying registration details  
(It is required to have a recognized electronic certificate in order to query the registration data. Admitted certificates are those issued by the certifying authorities included in the platform @firma of the Ministry of the Presidency)

Voter figures 

Registrations and cancellations in CERA

Actions taken by the Electoral Census Office

Electoral processes celebrated