The highest-level legal reference in Spain regarding statistical activity in the Autonomous Communities is to be found in their Statutes of Autonomy, approved by means of organic laws. In each of the aforementioned statutes, it is established that the respective Autonomous Community has exclusive jurisdiction over statistics for Autonomous Community purposes.

In turn, statistical laws have been passed in all Autonomous Communities. These laws regulate the compilation of respective statistical plans and in them the Central Statistical Bodies are founded. These perform the functions of coordinating and planning statistics for each Community, as well as contributing, together with the statistical services of the boards, to the production of the aforementioned statistics, on their own or in partnership with the State Administration. Many Autonomous Communities have also formed a Regional Council on Statistics as the highest advisory body on Autonomous Community statistics, and, in some of them, a Statistics Commission as the statistical coordination body in the Autonomous Community.

Autonomous Community Statistical Legislation (Latest update: 21 September 2023)