National statistics planning

The National Statistics Plan is the main instrument to organise the statistical activity in the State General Administration and is valid for four years. The plan contains the statistics that must be developed in the four year period by the services of the General State Administration, the General Council of the Judiciary and the Bank of Spain, and those statistics to be undertaken totally or in part with the participation of Autonomous Communities and local governments by virtue of cooperation agreements with state statistics services or, in turn, through the implementation of what is stated in law.

All statistics included in the National Statistics Plan are statistics for state purposes and are obligatory.

The National Statistics Plan is approved by royal decree and once approved, is carried out via the annual programmes that develop it and which are also approved by royal decree.

The Annual Programme contains those actions that must be carried out in the National Statistic Plan's operational year and the forecasts that, for this purpose, must be incorporated into the State's General Budget.

National Statistics Plan 2025-2028 and annuals programmes

National Statistics Plan 2021-2024 and annuals programmes


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