Mission of the INE

The mission of the INE is to collect, produce and disseminaterelevant, high-quality, official statistical information for society in an effective, independent, professional and integral manner, and to make it available to all members of society, so as to promote sound decision-making.

The mission is based on the following set of objectives:

  •  - Producing suitable, reliable and consistent statistics that meet users' needs within set time frames, in accordance with the provisions of the National Statistical Plan and the directives of international organisms; promoting the appropriate use of these statistics.
  •  - Providing citizens, companies, investigators, state and private-sector organisations and public authorities with the statistical information necessary for correct decision-making. This information is collected by the INE and the other statistical services of the State Central Administration.
  •  - Carrying out Continuous Register coordination duties and managing the Electoral Census.
  •  - Coordinating the work of statistical services of the State Central Administration and collaborating with the statistical services of Spain's Autonomous Communities.
  •  - Collaborating with Eurostat (the Statistical Office of the European Communities) and the EU member states to create and maintain the European Statistical System.
  • - Establishing collaborative partnerships in the area of statistics with international organisms and, in particular, the European Statistical System, for the design and implementation of projects of common interest.


Vision of the INE

The vision of the INE - to continue being the national and international point of reference for the production of Spanish official statistics - is geared towards creating a statistical system based on:

  • - Using available resources as efficiently and effectively as possible, promoting collaboration with other statistical systems organisms and public authorities, as well as with civil society and the scientific community.
  • - Continuously improving INE statistical production processes, adapting them to EU recommendations and trends in order to carry out its designated role in the medium/long-term strategy of the European Commission (set out in its Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council on the production method of EU statistics: a vision for the next decade).
  • - Guaranteeing, as a key principle, that the information of those interviewed remains confidential.
  • - Strengthening the INE quality management system so that a consistent medium/long-term quality guarantee framework is established.
  • - Strengthening the coordinating capacity of the INE throughout the statistical system of the Spanish State Administration.
  • - Promoting and proceeding with the reduction of the burden on those interviewed by using suitable procedures and administrative sources.
  • - Promoting statistical awareness, developing the dissemination and correct usage of information.
  • - Taking care of users at all times, attending to their statistical information needs, facilitating access to the INE services and seeking the continuous improvement of the conditions in which these are offered.