Digital Cartography Files

These are files that contain the digitalisation of the georeferenced outlines of the censal sections, according to UTM coordinates 28, 29, 30 and 31. The files are available in ArcInfor EXPORT format (e009) and SHAPE.



Electoral Census Street Map

The street map contains all information that fully identifies the branches that belong to each census section; as additional information it includes the postal district of each branch in question. This is a set of four files (in ASCII format): streetfiles, pseudo street files, street portion file and population unit file. The files which are independent for each province are those that the INE uses for the purposes of the Electoral Census.

The content of the files is that published in the Official State Bulletin num. 169 of 16 July (order of 11 July 1997). The registry design of the files is the one which is covered in the extract from the order of 11 July 1997.

The file with the type of roads contains the denomination of the streets in the different vernacular languages.

Furthermore, since 2011 the variations in the street map between two dates have been provided, as has a document indicating the method and the regulations for notifying of variations.

Download variations file: between the January 2024 street map and the one for July 2024.

There has been a change in the street map management system to improve the information obtained and, among other things, a modification has been incorporated in the section file.

Until the most recent publication, when a road belonged to a single section, the sections considered were from 0001 to 9999, for odd numbers, and from 0002 to 9998, for even numbers, regardless of whether there were jumps in the numbering. In addition to 0000S, for unnumbered.

When the new management system comes into force, the sections of the roads in a section will be obtained by aggregating the postal approaches (apps). This will turn into the basic attribute defining the territory and sections will be formed using the numbering range, even, odd or 0000S (no number) of the apps that appear in that section. The postal approach is defined as the postal address to the door.

In the publication of the street map on January 1, 2021, two files of sections obtained are shown: one with the current application and the other with the new application.

From the next publication onwards, only the sections with the new application will be available.

Provincial files: