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Distribution of statistical results under embargo

In accordance with the European Statistics Code of Practice, all users have access to the same statistical information at the same time, and any privileged pre-release access to any outside user must be limited, controlled and made public.

In this sense, a few hours before its official publication, some statistical information of the INE is transmitted, under embargo, to the appointed body, the Secretariat of State for Economic Affairs and Business Support of the Ministry of Economy and Enterprise, for the purpose of providing sufficient time for their responsible parties to prepare answers to any possible questions that journalists might ask them.

Likewise, by virtue of the signing of the Multilateral Working Agreement for the development of a statistics partnership between the INE and the Central Statistics Offices of the Autonomous Communities (OCECA), sixteen OCECA receive information under embargo, relating to both their territory (on Autonomous Community and provincial scales) and the national total (on a national scale), for the purpose of compiling and publishing, in parallel to the INE, press releases relating to their respective territorial scopes. As with the INE, the OCECA are governed by the Laws and regulations that guarantee statistical confidentiality.

In turn, nine press releases of short-term statistics are transmitted, under embargo, to a small number of news agencies, 30 minutes prior to the official time of dissemination.