Organizational chart in text version

The functions of the different INE Bodies can be consulted in the Statute, as well as in Order ETD/378/2022, of April 27, which creates the Large Cases Unit Division


Presidency of the INE [Elena Manzanera Díaz]   |  High Council of Statistics   |  Interministerial Statistical Commission   |  Interterritorial Statistics Committee

  1. Directorate-General for Statistical Planning and Processes. (Carlos J. Ballano Fernández)
    • Subdirectorate-General for Coordination and Statistical Planning. (Rafaela Mayo Moreno)
    • Subdirectorate-General for Methodology and Design of Samples. (David Salgado Fernández)
    • Subdirectorate-General for Dissemination and Communication. (J. Adolfo Gálvez Moraleda)
    • Subdirectorate-General for Information and Communications Technologies. (Eva Mª Ortiz Tovar)
    • Subdirectorate-General for Data Collection. (Francisco Hernández Jiménez)
  2. Directorate-General for Population Statistics. (Antonio J. Argüeso Jiménez)
    • Subdirectorate-General for Demographic Statistics. (Cristina Casaseca Polo)
    • Subdirectorate-General for Social Statistics. (L. Margarita García Ferruelo)
    • Subdirectorate-General for Labour Market Statistics. (Miguel Ángel García Martínez)
  3. Directorate-General for Economic Statistics. (Alfredo Cristóbal Cristóbal)
    • Subdirectorate-General for Economic Sectors Statistics. (M. Belén González Olmos)
    • Subdirectorate-General for Short-Term Statistics. (Ignacio González Veiga)
  4. Department of National Accounts. (María Antonia Martínez Luengo)
  5. General Secretariat. (Ángeles Sebastián Campoy)
  6. Electoral Census Office. (Ana Jurado Jiménez)
  7. Subdirectorate-General for International Relations and the 2030 Agenda. (Antonio M. Salcedo Galiano)
  8. Subdirectorate-General for Training, Analysis and Innovation in statistical production. (Miguel Ángel Martínez Vidal)
  9. Office of the President. (Miguel Ángel de Castro Puente)
  10. Large Cases Unit Division. (Sixto Muriel de la Riva)
  11. Provincial Delegations  

The Board of Directors will be made up of the heads of the Presidency of the National Institute of Statistics, the Directorate-General for Statistical Planning and Processes, the Directorate-General for Population Statistics, the Directorate-General for Economic Statistics, the Department for National Accounts, the General Secretariat and the Office of the President.