Quality reports and indicators. Quality reports of the different statistical products of the INE

1. . Quality reports of the statistical production of the INE

  • 1.1 Quality reports of statistical products. Following the recommendations of Eurostat and the European institutions, the INE is developing systems for the systematic assessment of the quality of all its statistical products and processes. This is a long-term process, which is completed step by step. The first phase of these reports corresponds to the User-oriented-Quality reports of the products. A version of these User-oriented-Quality reports (which corresponds to fields 11 to 19) is included in the so-called Standardised Methodological Reports.
  • 1.2 Quality reports of European Statistics. The INE, as a member of the European Statistical System (ESS), participates in the development of the European Statistics subject to the Regulations concerned. These regulations establish the working methodology, and, where appropriate, the quality reports of said statistics. Eurostat publishes, for all the European statistical operations subject to the Regulation and within the meta-information or in specific publications, the relevant quality reports.

2. Priority quality indicators

Quality indicators are summary measures of the main quality components, applicable to most statistical products and/or procedures developed following the criteria established by Eurostat, (ESS guidelines for the implementation of the ESS quality and performance indicators). Part of these indicators is available to users, as they have been integrated into the Standardised Methodological Report which is published for each statistical operation of the INE. .

  • R1 Rate of available statistical data
  • A1 Coefficient of variation
  • A4 Non-response rate
  • A5. Non-response by concept
  • A6 Average size of revisions
  • TP2 Time between the reference period and the publication date of the final results
  • TP3. Punctuality
  • CC2. Comparable length for time series