• 03/11/1856: Royal Statistical Commission

    The creation of this institution means the beginning of official statistics in Spain. On the 3rd November 1856, General Narváez, President of the Cabinet of Ministers of Elizabeth II, signs a decree establishing a commission made up of expert personalities in charge of creating General Royal Statistics.

  • 21/04/1857: Board of Statistics

    A few months later on 21 April 1857, the Commission is officially called the Board of Statistics. Its first task was the Population Census, reference date 21May of the same year.

  • 09/09/1857: Statistics as a University subject

    The Public Education Act of 9 September 1857, decrees that statistics be a university subject

  • 12/09/1870: Institute of Geography and Statistics

    Imagen: Rosa de los vientosA Decree date 12th September 1870, during the provisional government of General Serrano, creates the Institute of Geography. Three years later, on 19th June 1873, it is called the Institute of Geography and Statistics thus taking responsibility of collecting any numerical information for the State.

    In 1877, the Institute of Geography and Statisticsapproves its code. Statistics become the responsibility of the Ministry of Development in 1890.A decree dated 1 October 1901 establishes the setting out of official statistics and their publication. The Institute of Geography and Statistics becomes a Directorate-General and departments are created within the Ministries to carry out the work.In 1924, the Council for Statistical Services created in 1921 is restructured, four years before it is moved under the responsibility of the Ministry of Work and Social Welfare. In 1931, it becomes part of the Ministry of the Presidency.During the Civil War (1936-1939), Special Statistical Services began to operate in coordination with State statistical services within the so-called national zone.

  • 31/12/1945: National Statistics Institute

    Sede del INE 2004The National Statistics Institute is created by an Act of 31st December 1945. Its mission is to elaborate and improve the current demographic, economic and social statistics, to work out new ones and to assure the co-ordination with the provincial and municipal statistical services.

    The Act was published in a BOE (official state gazette) on 3rd January 1946

    As well as regular coordination between other statistical services such as the Special Statistical Services, the Act creates the High Council on Statistics. The National Statistics Institute is organised into central services, provincial delegations and delegations within the Ministries


General Directors and Presidents:

Since it was set up until 1989, a General Director has administratively and scientifically managed the National Statistics Institute. In 1977, the statistician Francisco Azorín Poch is named president of INE, resigning in 1982 when that position was eliminated.

Following the entry into force of the Law on Public Statistical Services in 1989, the post of President is created to act as head of the autonomous organisation.

  • Presidents of the INE since 1989

    • Elena Manzanera Díaz (2022-today)
    • Juan Manuel Rodríguez Poo (2018-2022)
    • Gregorio Izquierdo Llanes (2011-2018)
    • Jaume García Villar (2008-2011)
    • Carmen Alcaide Guindo (2000-2008)
    • Pilar Martín-Gúzman (1996-2000)
    • José Quevedo Quevedo (1989-1996)
  • General Directors of the INE between 1945 and 1989

    • Javier Ruiz Castillo (1986-1989)
    • Luis Ruiz Maya (1982-1986)
    • José Montes Fernández (1981-1982)
    • Ignacio Ballester (1980-1981)
    • José Montes Fernández (1979-1980)
    • Blas Calzada Terrados (1977-1979)
    • Andrés Fernández Díaz (1977-1977)
    • Ricardo Torrón Duran (1976-1977)
    • Rafael Bermejo (1974-1976)
    • Jesús García Siso (1974-1974)
    • Benito Martínez Echevarría (1971-1974)
    • Alberto Cerrolaza Asenjo (1966-1971)
    • Francisco Torras Huguet (1962-1966)
    • José Ros Jímeno -ad interin- (1961-1962)
    • Luis Ubach y García-Ontiveros (1953-1961)
    • Emilio Giménez Arribas (1946-1953)
    • José Luis del Corral Saiz (1946-1946)