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Commitments regarding trust in statistics and application of the European Statistics Code of Practice (CoP) in statistics for state purposes

While in principle the Code of Practice applies only to European statistics, in 2012 the National Statistics Institute decided to adopt it as its own, making it applicable to all statistical production for state purposes. To achieve this goal, the following initiatives have been developed.

  1. In its Royal Decree of approval (section dedicated to the “General principles that regulate statistical production for state purposes”), the 2009-2012 National Statistical Plan included the following commitment:
    “Although the European Statistics Code of Practice has been formulated only for European statistics, the 2009-2012 National Statistics Plan (...) [assumes] the firm commitment to implement it for all statistical production included therein and in the statistical services of the State Administration that carry out this production.”
  2. The 2013-2016 National Statistics Plan followed the same criteria, including a specific article in its Royal Decree of approval. From that moment forward, the articles of the annual Plans and programs have brought this together as an explicit commitment of the national statistical system:
    “Article 8. Commitment to apply the European Statistics Code of Practice. The statistical services responsible for the operations of the 2013-2016 National Statistical Plan assume the principles established in the "European Statistics Code of Practice" (...), and undertake to accordingly adopt the measures necessary to maintain confidence in statistics produced for state purposes and to control the application of said Code.”
  3. 3. This commitment was maintained in the 2014, 2015 and 2016 annual programs for the development of the aforementioned 2013-2016 National Statistical Plan, including both articles, in the Royal Decrees of approval, ratifying this commitment.
  4. In the 2017-2020 National Statistics Plan, the commitment to quality and the application of the Code of Practice is reiterated in the Royal Decree of approval: «Article 7. Commitment to the quality of statistics for state purposes: The statistical production for state purposes included in the 2017-2020 National Statistics Plan will be developed in accordance with the bases for quality regulated in Law 12/1989, of May 9, of the Public Statistical Function, in the Code of Practice and with the quality criteria established in Regulation (EC) No. 223/2009 (...) concerning European statistics, as elements that guarantee the population's confidence in statistics for state purposes.”
  5. This same article on “Commitment to the quality of statistics for state purposes” has been included in each and every one of the Royal Decrees of approval for the annual programs included in the 2017-2020 National Statistical Plan: Annual Program 2017, Annual Program 2018, Annual Program 2019.

Other Initiatives

  • Recommendation of the Interterritorial Statistics Committee
    In addition to the previous initiatives, the INE has promoted the application of the Code of Practice in other Public Administrations that carry out statistical activities. A proposal from the INE was thus sent to the Inter-territorial Statistics Committee, a collegiate body that represents both the statistical services of the State Administration and those of the Autonomous Communities. The Plenary Meeting of said Committee, in its session of April 19, 2012, issued by majority a recommendation regarding “the adoption of the European Statistics Code of Practice by the statistical producing services represented in this Committee.”
  • Agreement of the Interministerial Statistics Commission. on how to make known the actions that should be carried out to reduce the burden on respondents.
  • • Spanish Statistical Magazine: Section entirely dedicated to Good Practice in Official Statistics