1.1.5. Median population age. Total

Description of indicator

Median age is the age that divides a population into two groups that are numerically equivalent.

This indicator is calculated using the Municipal Register, with reference date 1st January, for all spatial levels except national level, whose direct source is the Basic Demographic Indicators of INE.

Source: The Municipal Register. INE.

Reference date: 1st January data for all years are provided. Most countries use this date as a reference date.

Available series: 2010-2022.

Graphs and tables

For sub-municipal areas, it is possible to access tables in INEbase with all indicators. For Cities, Greater cities and Functional Urban Areas, it is possible whether to access a table in INEbase with all indicators and periods, or to visualize the indicator in the graph. In this case, when positioning on each bar, the data and the year referred to are shown.

Cities Image px table


Greater cities Image px table


Functional Urban Areas Image px table