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One of the most significant changes that Spanish society has experienced in the last five years has been the spectacular increase in the number of foreigners who have moved to live in our country.

With the objective of contributing a vision of the evolution of this group, the National Statistical Institute has carried out a study of foreigners resident in Spain, according to statistical use data from the municipal register by examining the main results from 1998 to 2002. The observations are accompanied by tables, graphs and maps.

This publication only features a summary of results extracted from the statistical use municipal register. The total information that can be obtained from this source, year by year for both foreigners and Spaniards, is available on magnetic support and on

Contents of the publication (Files in PDF format)

  • Introduction (15 Kb. PDF)
  • Chapter I (1.898 Kb. PDF)
    I.1. Evolution of phenomenon
    I.2. Evolution in Autonomous Communities
    I.3. Foreigners by provinces
    I.4. Situation on a municipal level
    I.5. Municipal rates
  • Chapter II (4.600 Kb. PDF)
    II.1. Nationality of foreigners
    II.2. Nationality of foreigners by Autonomous Communities
    II.3. Predominant nationality of foreigners by provinces
    II.4. Predominant nationality of foreigners by municipalities

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