The functions of the different INE Bodies can be consulted in the Statute, as well as in Order ETD/378/2022, of April 27, which creates the Large Cases Unit Division.

Presidency of the INE [Elena Manzanera Díaz]   |  High Council of Statistics    |  Interministerial Statistical Commission   |  Interterritorial Statistics Committee

  • Directorate-General for Statistical Planning and Processes. (Carlos J. Ballano Fernández)
    • Subdirectorate-General for Coordination and Statistical Planning. (Rafaela Mayo Moreno)
    • Subdirectorate-General for Methodology and Design of Samples. (David Salgado Fernández)
    • Subdirectorate-General for Dissemination and Communication. (María Santana Álvarez)
    • Subdirectorate-General for Information and Communications Technologies. (Eva Mª Ortiz Tovar)
    • Subdirectorate-General for Data Collection. (Francisco Hernández Jiménez)
  • Directorate-General for Population Statistics. (Antonio J. Argüeso Jiménez)
    • Subdirectorate-General for Demographic Statistics. (Cristina Casaseca Polo)
    • Subdirectorate-General for Social Statistics. (L. Margarita García Ferruelo)
    • Subdirectorate-General for Labour Market Statistics. (Miguel Ángel García Martínez)
  • Directorate-General for Economic Statistics. ((Alfredo Cristóbal Cristóbal)
    • Subdirectorate-General for Economic Sectors Statistics. (M. Belén González Olmos)
    • Subdirectorate-General for Short-Term Statistics. (Ignacio González Veiga)
    • Support Unit to the DG of Economic Statistics. (Beatriz Ramos Muñoz)
  • Department of National Accounts. (María Antonia Martínez Luengo)
  • General Secretariat. (Mónica Groba López)
  • Electoral Census Office. (M. Lourdes Abella Nieva)
  • Subdirectorate-General for International Relations and the 2030 Agenda. (Antonio M. Salcedo Galiano)
  • Subdirectorate-General for Training, Analysis and Innovation in statistical production. (Miguel Ángel Martínez Vidal)
  • Office of the President. (Miguel Ángel de Castro Puente)
  • Large Cases Unit Division. (Sixto Muriel de la Riva)
  • Provincial Delegations

The Board of Directors will be made up of the heads of the Presidency of the National Institute of Statistics, the Directorate-General for Statistical Planning and Processes, the Directorate-General for Population Statistics, the Directorate-General for Economic Statistics, the Department for National Accounts, the General Secretariat and the Office of the President.